Saturday, October 17, 2020

Based On Current Form! Chelsea’s Kepa Or Liverpool’s Adrian, Who Is Premier League’s Worst Goalkeeper?


Worrisome weekend for Chelsea and Liverpool fans as both keepers deliver unimpressive performances.

After watching Chelsea’s game this afternoon, all I’m just praying is for Eduardo Mendy to get fit quickly because Kepa’s performance was underwhelming.

Let’s look at how both Adrian and Kepa have consistently failed in their objectives —keeping out goals.


Sigh. You’d expect Adrian to step up to the task now that Allison is injured but man, this guy is just so shaky at the back post.

Watched the match at Everton today. Adrian was culpable for the first goal and failed to command the defense after Van Dijk left the pitch.


Omo. How can I describe Kepa? Unreliable. Weak. Lacking in confidence.

While he was partly to be blamed for Southampton’s second goal, the defensive disaster brings to fore, Kepa’s previous mistakes.

Even with Zouma’s bad back pass, Kepa should have kept this one out.

Well, I’ll leave it to you guys to judge.

Based On Current Form,

Kepa Or Adrian, Who Is Premier League Worst Goalkeeper?

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